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When you signup, PacePeek stores your

  • github account's username, id, avatar url for showing and identifying your profile
  • user access/refresh token which is used to access your GitHub account when you are actively using GitHub related features on PacePeek
  • encrypted email for possible future payments and contacting your if you give permission
  • timezone for showing you the correct time

If you decide to start tracking your repos, you will need to install PacePeek Integration GitHub App on your GitHub account. Then PacePeek will need to store the following information:

  • GitHub App installation id
  • GitHub App installation access token will be stored temporarily(1 hour after deriving it from installation id) for convenience if multiple commits need to be processed back to back

All tokens and emails are stored encrypted.

By using PacePeek you agree with this page.

If you have any questions about these Terms or the Privacy Policy, please contact at r@rasmusmultiverse.com.