What is PacePeek?

PacePeek is a service that transforms GitHub commit patches into progress updates, making the story of development more accessible and engaging. It's designed to enhance collaboration and communication within development teams and for individual users alike.

How can organizations benefit?

Understanding Team Progress: PacePeek provides natural language summaries of team activities, making it easier for non-technical staff to stay informed.

Track Github Copilot Usage: Gain precise insights into your team's Copilot adoption, offering detailed knowledge of its usage.

Visual Commit History: Automatic commit branch trees offer a clear view of project workflows and collaboration patterns.

Social Media Integration: Possible integration with X (Twitter) enables automatic sharing of updates, serving as a marketing and communication tool.

Customizable Widgets: Embeddable widgets display the latest updates on your website or your project's README file.

Automatic Feature History: PacePeek automatically updates the feature history of your project, allowing you to trace the evolution of each feature.

How does it work for Organizations?

Users who are admins of a GitHub organization can add the organization to PacePeek by installing PacePeek's GitHub app on the organization's GitHub account. Once added, all members of the organization will be included in PacePeek, and their names will be shown on the posts they make. All repositories under the organization can be tracked, and the progress will be tracked with commit branch trees, summaries, and feature history. By default, each repository is private on PacePeek, but the visibility to people outside the repository can be toggled from each repository's settings. If a repository's visibility is set to public, an X integration can be applied to post that repository's summary posts to X (Twitter) either instantly or by summarizing daily progress. Widgets specific to each repository can be used to showcase the latest summary updates in markdown or HTML. Unlike individual user posts, which require a certain amount of significant progress in commits before being made into a post, organization repositories will generate a post for every commit.

How can individuals benefit?

Track Personal Projects: Individuals can monitor their personal projects with PacePeek's summaries, providing insights without the need for technical knowledge.

Marketing and Showcasing: By linking their PacePeek profile or using widgets and the X bot, individuals can market themselves and showcase their coding journey to potential employers or collaborators.

Engaging Followers: For those with an existing following, PacePeek allows them to give their followers a sneak peek into their projects, making it easier to share progress without requiring them to read the code directly.

How does it work for Individuals?

Individual users can track their public repositories, and PacePeek will generate summaries from the changes. By installing PacePeek's GitHub app on their personal GitHub account, users enable PacePeek to fetch necessary commit data from their repositories. Individual users can add one Twitter account to their PacePeek account to repost every post from every repository. They can also add markdown and HTML widgets to showcase their latest posts from any repository. Individual users can follow other individual users to see the followed users' posts on their home page. PacePeek waits for a significant enough changes across commits to be made before generating a progress summary post, ensuring that the posts reflect meaningful progress.