PacePeek: Tracking software projects with commit summarizing intelligence

Designed for both development teams and individual users.

Key Features

Understanding Team Progress

PacePeek provides natural language summaries of team activities, making it easier for non-technical staff to stay informed.

Track Github Copilot Usage

Gain precise insights into your team's Copilot adoption, offering detailed knowledge of its usage.

Visual Commit History

Automatic commit branch trees offer a clear view of project workflows and collaboration patterns.


Possible integration with X (Twitter) enables automatic sharing of updates, serving as a marketing and communication tool.

Customizable Widgets

Embeddable widgets display the latest updates on your website or your project's README file.

Automatic Feature History

PacePeek automatically updates the feature history of your project, allowing you to trace the evolution of each feature.

With our automated process, you can focus on what matters most - your code. Let PacePeek handle the rest.

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